What big data is saying about the Fed

It’s summertime and the central banks are … well, easy. The Fed’s pivot to a more dovish monetary policy stance since May has been followed by a generalized move among other central banks in the same direction. Rhetoric from Fed Chairman Jerome Powell has been closely watched and markets have largely cheered the idea of […]


A Q3 investor watch list

Proceed with caution, but by all means … proceed. This was the overarching message in our third quarter equity market outlook. We believe U.S. stocks can grind higher in the new quarter, underpinned by strong fundamentals and an economy that is still growing ― albeit nearing the final legs of its multi-year expansion. The rebound […]


The Old Black Dog

Today I want to tell you a story about the dog that’s on the cover of my books. (If you’ve read my latest book, you might think you know how this story ends … but trust me, you don’t.) Her name is Betty, and she’s an old sheep dog from the Mallee. Betty was kindly […]


Four reasons to consider dividend growth stocks today

In the decade following the Global Financial Crisis, global fixed income yields have remained low by historical standards —and many investors have turned to dividend growth stocks for their combination of yield and capital appreciation potential. At Invesco Unit Trusts, we don’t see this trend abating anytime soon. In fact, we believe the current environment […]


Will we learn from Boris Johnson?

Does anyone really doubt who will win the Tory leadership contest? Prime Minister Johnson here we come. That awareness resulted in me re-reading Max Hasting’s comments on Johnson. Hastings knows Johnson well. He was his editor on the Telegraph. And he is a Tory, of course. He said of Johnson: Why should he not be […]


The Great Australian Finance Experiment

My five-year-old son is obsessed with maths. The other night he worked out that the maths app game we play each night is charging us a recurring fee. He was ropeable: “You need to delete this game off the iPad, or we’ll keep getting billed. Do you understand, Dad?” I nodded. Chip off the old […]


Introducing … Zuckbucks?

Facebook is set to launch its own crypto-currency next year, the BBC reported this week. (The article referred to the new currency as ‘GlobalCoin’ … though I much prefer ‘Zuckbucks’.) So, will this be yet another crazy crypto coin? Not a chance! My bet is that ‘Zuckbucks’ will be as boring as your Aunt Betty’s […]


Growing Distribution Webs Boost Retailers’ Competitive Advantages

  I I RETAIL SALES JUNE 2019 I Research Brief Growing Distribution Webs Boost Retailers’ Competitive Advantages I Consumption underpinned by elevated consumer optimism. Retail sales remained steady in May, increasing 3.2 percent over the past year. Though this is slightly lower than the previous two months, spending appears to have further stabilized following heightened […]


Tight Labor Market Constrains Job Creation

  I I EMPLOYMENT JUNE 2019 I Research Brief Tight Labor Market Constrains Job Creation I Hiring softens, unemployment rate unchanged in May. Employers added 75,000 jobs last month, maintaining a historically low unemployment rate of 3.6 percent. Downward revisions to March and April’s figures offset May’s gains, taking the average number of new hires […]