March 20 Update: US COVID-19 Tests per Day

Tests per day is a key number to track (along with actual cases and, sadly, deaths). But total tests were a key for South Korea slowing the spread of COVID-19. South Korea has been conducting 15,000 tests per day with a 51 million population, so the US needs to test around 100,000 per day. The […]


The Next Phase of Testing

It appears that sometime next week the US will be conducting 70,000+ COVID-19 tests per day. Currently the priority is to test people with symptoms, those with close contact to an infected person, healthcare providers and first responders. That should remain our priority until we have excess testing capacity above those needs. However we must […]


Comments on February Existing Home Sales

Earlier: NAR: Existing-Home Sales Increased to 5.77 million in February A few key points: 1) This is pre-crisis data. Sales will decline sharply in March and April. 2) Existing home sales were up 7.2% year-over-year (YoY) in February. 2) Inventory is very low, and was down 9.8% year-over-year (YoY) in February. Inventory will probably stay […]

Real Estate

Coronavirus Keeping You From Touring Houses for Sale? Stay in the Hunt with Live Video-Chat Tours

  It’s difficult being a homebuyer these days. Buying a house is already tricky, but add on a global pandemic that’s closing stores and locking down countries, you probably feel like it’s impossible to move forward with buying a home – let alone touring one. Luckily, your house hunting doesn’t have to stop. With live […]


CDC: Seasonal Flu Activity Slowing

Seasonal flu activity is slowing, and that will help with the rapidly increasing COVID-19 pandemic. From the CDC: Weekly U.S. Influenza Surveillance Report Laboratory confirmed flu activity as reported by clinical laboratories continued to decrease; however, influenza-like illness activity increased. Influenza severity indicators remain moderate to low overall, but hospitalization rates differ by age group, […]


The March Taxcast from the Tax Justice Network

In this month’s Tax Justice Network Taxcast: How many more signs do we need to tell us we must urgently reform our economies, keep essential services out of private hands and transition away from fossil fuels? As the world buckles up for a different kind of crisis tackling the Coronavirus, we look at how tax justice […]


Only tax holidays and wage subsidies can keep UK households and businesses going now but does Sunak know enough accounting to realise that?

What Rishi Sunak needs to know before he announces his third round of coronavirus crisis measures in little more than a week is some quite basic accounting that I suspect no one has ever explained to him. Accounts should include three financial statements. One is the profit and loss account, or income statement. The next […]