4 Rewards Discounts You’re Not Getting

I’m a big fan of making sure to
find ways to get something for things that hit your cash flow on a regular
basis. People usually do this by choosing a rewards credit card that gives you
points, miles, or cash back for purchases you make on the card. This makes a
ton of sense because most debit cards do not give you a darn thing for using
them for purchases. The money just comes out… and we move on.

But let’s take it a step further to
see how we can even get even more of a benefit for some things we do as we live
our financial lives. I am now a fan of signing up for Customer Loyalty programs
with all my favorite local retailers to get discounts and special offers for
frequenting their businesses. In this day and age of digital footprints, I’m ok
with giving up some of my information (i.e. my cell phone number and spending
habits with these retailers) so that I’ll be able to get discounts or offers
tailored towards the things that I regularly buy. Here are 4 that I really

  1. BurgerFi Rewards. Anyone who knows me,
    knows that this is my favorite place in Atlanta to get burgers. Their patties
    are head and shoulders above the flavor of anywhere else I’ve been, and their
    “Greenstyle” option is fantastic for folks like me who don’t eat bread. Because
    I’m always going to go, I enjoy that I’m always working towards getting $5 off
    an order and free shakes and fries (which I give to friends or my kids).
  2. Shell Fuel Rewards. Here’s a pretty good
    one that gives cross benefits from several retailers. If you download the Fuel
    Rewards app, you can get a $.05/gallon discount on Shell gas. Because I’m a
    T-Mobile customer, I also get an offer every Tuesday for an additional
    $.10/gallon discount for my weekly fill up. Because it works with other
    retailers like local restaurants and online retailers, I was happy to see that
    after a night out to dinner with friends I had accrued an additional
    $.50/gallon discount.
  3. Kroger Fuel Rewards. This is similar
    program for Kroger grocery stores that gives you points for every dollar you
    spend on groceries that can be cashed for discounts off gas purchases. A
    monthly grocery bill of $450 will get you a $.45/gallon break. Certain offers
    and purchases in the store will also give you 2x to 4x multipliers to build up
    points faster. You can cash in the gas discounts at either Kroger or Shell gas
  4. Fivestars. Several of the local
    businesses around my office have signed up for this program. In exchange for
    customer’s cell phone numbers, the businesses will text you offers and
    discounts whenever they’ve got a special they’d like to run. I usually see 15%
    to 20% discounts, but I was able to take advantage of a “Buy One Get One”
    dinner offer for my wife and I at the My Stir Fry down the block. It was an
    “off night,” we were free, and one of us got to enjoy a great fresh, free meal.

As with any of these rewards
plans, the one thing to be careful of is to not “go broke saving money” though.
Make sure that you keep things within reason and don’t accrue points for the
sake of doing it, all the while blowing out your weekly or monthly budget.

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