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6 End of Year Estate Planning Mistakes to Avoid

If you finally wrote your estate plan in 2019, you likely know just how difficult it can be to sit down and write an estate plan. Even after creating these documents, there are still several  obstacles that can occur and prevent you from achieving your estate planning goals. As a result, this article takes a brief look at some of the estate planning mistakes that you should be careful to avoid as the year comes to an end.

# 1 – Not Understanding Your Estate Plan

Some people don’t both to read and review the terms of estate planning documents after they’ve been created by an attorney. Other people let their spouses take care of estate planning and merely sign where is necessary. Not knowing the terms of what you are signing can lead to many serious estate planning challenges. While you need not be able to call up estate planning laws by code number, you should still understand the basics of how your estate plan will work.

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