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Critical Advice when Selecting a Trustee

Creating an estate plan is not easy. That’s just one of the many reasons why people delay planning for the future. One of the common challenges that people must solve is deciding who to appoint as a personal representative/trustee. Pick incorrectly and there is a substantial risk that the goals you have for your trust might not be fully achieved. The individual that you ultimately select to perform this role must be honest, but also a good communicator and diligent. If you’ve decided to appoint multiple trustees, you also need to make sure that all trustees get along together. This article reviews some of the important qualities that you should make sure that a candidate meets when selecting a trustee. 

Understand what a Trustee’s Job Involves

Before selecting a trustee, it is a wise idea to make sure that the individual is okay with the various tasks that a trustee must perform. The tasks involved with the job include:

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