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Deciding on a New York Home Funeral 

Recently, after a mother in Oregon lost her four-year-old son in an accident, the woman to take the boy’s body back to the family’s ranch home. While the mother wanted a little more time with her child, she was instructed by a medical examiner that this request was not capable of being fulfilled. After navigating the various regulatory hurdles, the family ultimately took the boy home and placed him to rest on the property. During this time, the boy’s mother learned that Oregon law, there are no requirements that a person purchase the services of either a funeral director or funeral home. 

Despite the lack of regulations, people rarely decide to hold a home funeral. Not only does this story emphasize one of the reasons why family members should know the rights of loved ones, but this story is also a reminder that medical professionals are also sometimes not familiar with the rights of surviving loved ones. The family’s journey in helping hold a home funeral also inspired the family’s creation of a website, Oregon Funeral Resources & Education

The Role of Home Funerals in New York

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