Payroll Employment and Seasonal Factors

This might be a good time to review the seasonal pattern for employment. Even in the best of years there are a significant number of jobs lost in the months of January and July. In 1994, when the economy added almost 3.9 million jobs, there were 2.25 million lost in January 1994 (not seasonally adjusted, […]


Why we are still neutral on U.S. stocks

The coronavirus outbreak in late January swiftly shifted the direction in global markets – from an ebullient risk assets rally to an anxious selloff. U.S. stocks had performed in line with global peers, before switching gear to outperform them. We see their performance pattern before late January to reassert itself over the next six to […]


Seattle Real Estate in January: Sales up 17.2% YoY, Inventory down 32.9% YoY

The Northwest Multiple Listing Service reported Home buyers in Western Washington “hit the ground running” in January “All indicators point to a vigorous spring market,” suggested broker Dean Rebhuhn when reviewing just-released statistics from Northwest Multiple Listing Service. The report covering 23 counties shows pending sales outgained new listings, record-low inventory that’s down 33% from […]


Freeports: time to have your say on the government’s plan to create onshore tax havens within the UK

The government announced its freeport consultation a few minutes ago. This is what the website says on this exercise: The government is working to boost economic activity across the UK, ensuring that towns, cities and regions across the country can begin to benefit from the opportunities of leaving the EU. As part of this work, […]