The Record Job Streak: A few Comments

A few comments on the current headline jobs streak.  Also, the job streak if we adjust by temporary decennial Census hiring, and the possible impact of the annual revision (to be released with the January employment report). The employment report has shown positive job growth for a record 111 months. Headline Jobs, Top 10 Streaks […]


Should You Delegate Everything?

For many years I have had the opportunity to coach and train numerous financial advisors and high net worth entrepreneurs. One of the biggest challenges is helping them calculate what an hour of their time is worth. Truly understanding this concept is incredibly valuable for executives.  Something all these successful folks have in common is […]


What’s that all about?

Yesterday a friend asked me where I get my inspiration from. Several times in the last week the question has been raised as to why I seem to wake up each morning with the urgent need to write something down. The implication in every case is that this might not be normal. Evidence supports that […]