First Look: 2020 Housing Forecasts

Towards the end of each year I collect some housing forecasts for the following year.  This is just a beginning (I’ll gather many more). The table below shows a few forecasts for 2020: From Fannie Mae: Housing Forecast: October 2019 From Freddie Mac: Freddie Mac October Forecast: Housing Market Remains Strong While Economic Slowdown Looms From […]

Real Estate

Does This House Have Good Water Pressure?

A common question that clients ask during home inspections is: “Does this house have good water pressure?” When you’re searching the housing market and touring homes, it’s important to look for a few key indicators of the home’s water pressure and how those systems are functioning. What you usually want to know is whether the […]


The failed carbon logic of Martin Wolf

Martin Wolf had an article published in the FT yesterday in which he argues that we need a carbon tax or emissions trading system with a price floor to tackle the global climate crisis. But he really does not make a good case. He also does not help by making enemies from the outset, saying: Unfortunately, the […]


The restoration of monetary policy equilibrium

We have talked in the past about how global digital distribution capabilities are re-shaping the rules of economics, where supply can expand nearly instantaneously to fill a void. Nowhere is supply in over-abundance today more than in the critical comments appended to every policy headline, or action. In this world of seemingly perpetual disapproval, and […]


Your Advice Got Us Fired

In 15 years of answering readers’ questions, I have never, ever received one like this: Subject:  “YOUR ADVICE GOT US FIRED!” Dear Scott, My girlfriend and I are both scuba diving instructors, and after reading your book we decided to set up a salary-sacrifice contribution arrangement with our employer. Six months down the line I […]