Real GDP Annual and Quarterly

The following graph shows real GDP quarterly (blue, annualized), and the year-over-year change in GDP (red). The tax changes at the end of 2017 have had minimal impact on GDP. Most forecasts showed some minor boost in 2018 and 2019 followed by a minor drag starting in 2020. With the recent budget agreement, there probably […]


Quarterly Housing Starts by Intent

Here is a graph I haven’t updated in some time. From the Census Bureau “Started and Completed by Purpose of Construction” through Q2 2019. This graph shows the NSA quarterly intent for four start categories since 1975: single family built for sale, owner built (includes contractor built for owner), starts built for rent, and condos […]


The Impact of the GM Strike on October Employment

Something to note on employment: A tentative agreement has been reached at GM, however the GM workers were on strike during the BLS reference period (includes the 12th of the month). That means employment in October will be reduced by the number of workers on strike (approximately 48,000) plus some collateral layoffs in automotive suppliers. […]

Real Estate

5 Tips for Starting Your Home Search

In today’s market, low inventory dominates the conversation in many areas of the country. It can often be frustrating to be a first-time homebuyer if you aren’t prepared. Here are five tips from’s article, “How to Find Your Dream Home—Without Losing Your Mind.” 1. Get Pre-Approved for a Mortgage Before You Start Your Search […]


It’s time to knock out Dollarmites

Today I feel like a financial Rocky Balboa. See, I’ve been fighting CommBank’s Dollarmites for 15 long years … and haven’t so much as landed a punch. By rights, my trainer should have thrown in the towel and put me out of my misery. After all, I’ve been fighting a $142 billion company, with 50,000 […]


Brexit update

And here’s today’s Brexit update. I have no clue what will happen today. It will not, however, go as Boris Johnson wants. Tories will scream about betrayal. There will not have been a betrayal. Brussels will be calmer than London. Laura Kuensberg  and Robert Peston will upset a lot of people on Twitter. Beyond that […]


What’s next for blockchain?

Nearly one in six people worldwide don’t have the physical documentation they need to access healthcare, housing or to vote. But what if our identities were completely digitized and secure? It’d be just one of the many ways that blockchain could enter our daily lives. The hype for blockchain has simmered compared to past euphoria […]