Small Business Optimism Index Decreased in September

CR Note: Most of this survey is noise, but there is some information, especially on the labor market and the “Single Most Important Problem”.

From the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB): September 2019 Report: Small Business Optimism Declines but Remains Historically High

The small business Optimism Index maintained a historically solid reading, but took a dip in September, falling 1.3 points to 101.8.
Job creation was firm in September, with an average addition of 0.10 workers per firm compared to 0.19 in August. Net job creation has faded steadily since February’s 0.52 workers per firm to 0.1, no surprise as “finding qualified workers” to fill job openings hit a record high of 27 percent in August. Finding qualified workers remains a top problem, with 23 percent reporting it as their number one problem, down 4 points from August’s record high.
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