Will we make the same mistake twice?

By any conceivable measure Boris Johnson is a failure.

He lost a by-election days after becoming prime minister.

He lost his first six parliamentary votes.

He lost his majority.

He lied to the Queen.

The Supreme Court has had to unanimously tell him that was the case.

He has made no progress with Brexit.

There is no sign that he will make progress with Brexit.

Parliament has passed a law requiring him to do something he says he will never do.

As a litany of failure that is quite something.

And it is worth noting that because a great many people did not have to know all this to know that Boris Johnson would be a disastrous prime minister: their own instincts told them so. Simple heuristic tests made it obvious to them that Boris Johnson as prime minister would be a disaster waiting to happen. And so it has proved to be.

Many of those same people are also saying that Brexit will be a disaster. Simple heuristic tests make it obvious to them that this will be the case and that Brexit is a disaster waiting to happen.

Will we make the same mistake twice? 

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