A factor rotation with staying power?

A perceived lull in U.S.-China trade tensions has eased market fears about an economic downturn, prompting a rebound in bond yields. One result: a shift in equity factor leadership. U.S. value has recovered and momentum stumbled. Does this factor rotation have staying power? We think it is too early to call for a value revival […]


Black Knight’s First Look: National Mortgage Delinquency Rate Decreased in August, Foreclosure Inventory Lowest Since 2005

From Black Knight: Black Knight’s First Look: Foreclosure Starts Hit 18-year Low in August; Mortgage Prepayments Continue to Rise in Lower Interest Rate Environment • August’s 36,200 foreclosure starts made for the lowest single-month total since December 2000 • The number of loans in active foreclosure inventory also fell; at 253,000, it’s the fewest since […]


Introducing carbon beta: What pricing carbon means for investors

Investors already know that the transition to a low-carbon economy matters to their portfolios. But measuring how it matters has been incredibly difficult – until now. In order to answer this pressing question, BlackRock Sustainable Investing has developed a new cutting-edge investment metric called Carbon Beta. Simply put, it’s a way of measuring a company’s […]


Escaping the politics of an era long gone

It is possible that this will be just another normal Monday. But I doubt it. The Labour Party is at war with itself, or rather its membership, in Brighton, struggling in the process to find both its own democratic processes and policy. Boris Johnson is in the USA to discuss climate change. He has announced […]