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Twenty-Nine Percent of Redfin Users Search for Homes in the Place They’re Visiting

Los Angeles is the most popular place for visitors to peruse online home listings while in town. 

We often daydream about picking up and moving to the exciting place we’re visiting. And as it turns out, so do a lot of you.

In the second quarter of 2019, 29 percent of Redfin users nationwide searched for properties in a place they were visiting, while away from home. 

And those places were not relegated to tropical paradises like Hawaii or Miami. Though, warm weather certainly helps. For users who searched while on vacation, business trips, or generally away from home; Los Angeles was the most popular destination.

It’s worth noting that this pattern is the opposite of the latest U.S. migration trends, in which we see residents of LA and other expensive coastal markets looking to move to more affordable parts of the country. 

“We see a lot of people touring homes in Los Angeles while they’re in town visiting. Most of the time, they’re not that serious about buying and just want to see “cool” or architecturally interesting ones, or homes that are currently or previously celebrity-owned,” said Redfin agent Alec Traub. “But some vacationers actually end up buying. I worked with a family visiting from Brazil that wanted to see places on the beach in Malibu. They fell in love with the area and a $4 million home on the water, and put in an offer in that same weekend and closed a month later.”  

After Los Angeles, the San Francisco Bay Area was the second-most popular destination for visiting Redfin users to search for local homes followed by the Washington, D.C. area.

Tell us: do you search for homes in the place that you’re visiting?


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