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The Burden of Maintenance Fees for Timeshare Owners

In a perfect world, owning a timeshare would be nothing but sunshine and roses. You buy into your timeshare, receiving a set number of points annually for your investment, and you start planning all of your great trips. That’s all good, and it can work out nicely, but the maintenance fees that you will be responsible to pay are not something that should be overlooked.

With this article, we’d like to talk about how maintenance fees can become a burden for countless timeshare owners. While that might sound like a bit of a gloomy topic, we won’t leave you hanging without a solution! There is a great way to recoup your maintenance fees each year, meaning you can continue to enjoy your timeshare ownership without having to worry about the burden that those maintenance fees can place on your budget. Later, we’ll solve the problem of ‘how to rent my Wyndham points’, so be sure to stick with us to the end.

Feeling the Pressure

One of the first ways in which maintenance fees can place a burden on your life is through the pressure you feel to get the most out of your ownership as a result of these fees. Life gets busy – we all know that. This is particularly true if you have kids to keep up with during the summer months, or a hectic schedule at work (or both). There are never enough hours in the day, days in the week, or weeks in the year.

As a result of the hectic modern lifestyle that most of us lead, you may not be able to take as many vacations as you would like. Even with your timeshare points available and ready to use, you just might not be able to squeeze in those trips that you have hoped to take. When that happens, the maintenance fees you pay on your account will really start to feel like a waste. Not only will you miss out on the trips you want to take, you will also spend money in the process. That’s not good!

Many people start to look into how to rent out Wyndham points when they see this scenario play out in their own life. They notice that they aren’t getting much use out of their timeshare, and they are still paying for the right to own it (and not use it). If that sounds like your situation, our Point Rental Blueprint is something you need to see. By working with Timeshare Rental Pros, you can recover the money that was spent on maintenance fees, helping you feel better about your ownership as a whole. Would you love to take more trips? Of course – but even if that doesn’t happen, you don’t have to deal with the guilt of wasting your money on maintenance fees.

It’s Easy to Forget

As we discussed above, life is busy, and it’s often hard to keep up with everything that is going on in your life. Sometimes, you just forget about some of the things you have going, such as your timeshare ownership. It just may fade into the background for a while, while you handle the day to day realities of your life and what it demands from you. If you forget about being a timeshare owner, you may forget about your maintenance fees, as well – until a bill arrives in the mail or a withdrawal is taken from your account.

This is not a fun surprise, and it’s one that may cause you to feel negatively about your overall experience as a timeshare owner.  Suddenly, you are in a position where you have to spend money on something that isn’t providing you the value that you’d like to see. It’s easy to understand why many timeshare owners end up thinking they’d be better off without owning their points, as they keep having to spend money year after year while maybe not utilizing their ownership share.

Let’s Change the Story

How much different would your experience look as a timeshare owner if you didn’t have to pay your maintenance fees? While we can’t quite cut out the maintenance fees for you, we can provide you with a way to cover those fees, so they don’t wind up taking a dent out of your bank account. Without bearing the burden of your maintenance fees, the whole picture of timeshare ownership changes, and you start to feel better about the whole thing. We’ve mentioned that Timeshare Rental Pros can be the solution to this problem, and let’s dive into how that works.

You’ll be happy to know that our solution is simple and easy to understand. Instead of you trying to rent out a property to cover your maintenance fees, we will instead rent out your points for you. We’ll take on all of the legwork, including creating a listing, promoting the listing in various places, working with potential renters, and closing a deal. You won’t have to deal with any of this, which is why using Timeshare Rental Pros to rent out your points instead of renting out a property on your own is such a good solution.

We like to be upfront with everything we do here, so we want to highlight our requirements before going any further. At this time, we are only able to work with ‘metal status’ owners who have a minimum of 300K points available to rent. If you meet that threshold, we can rent all of your points from you, and we’ll be happy to do so year after year. What if we don’t manage to rent out all of your points? No worries! That’s our problem, not yours. You get your payment upfront, and you are done with the transaction at that point.

Vacations Should Be Fun

It’s a shame when something that is supposed to be fun, like vacation, turns into such a chore and a burden. It doesn’t have to be like that when it comes to timeshare ownership. How much does it cost to rent Wyndham points? Nothing, when you work with Timeshare Rental Pros. We take on the risk, we pay you upfront, and no one from our team will ever ask you to pay us a single penny. We take the opportunity to rent out your unused points very seriously, and we appreciate you trusting us with this deal. To show our appreciation, we will only deal with you in an upfront an honest manner, and you’ll never be confused about the deal or any part of the process. Have questions? Just contact us right away and learn even more about what we do and how it can improve the timeshare experience for you and your family.

If you would like to learn more about how Timeshare Rental Pros works, and what we can do for you, be sure to check out our Point Rental Blueprint. Also, take a moment to view our standing with the Better Business Bureau, where you will see that many previous clients have been complimentary of our services. You’ll no longer be stuck trying to figure out how to rent out Wyndham points, as you’ll have a partner at your side for the task. Thank you for visiting, and we are excited to serve you!





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