Why Facebook and Instagram Will Make You Spend Money…And There Is Nothing You Can Do About It!

Why Facebook and Instagram Will Make You Spend Money…And There Is Nothing You Can Do About It!

A few weeks ago, my family was
walking through the food hall in Ponce City Market on a Saturday morning.  It was about 30 minutes before everything
actually opened up, but the place was buzzing with walkers and talkers
already.  What was most interesting more
than the strollers, were the dozens of Instagrammer teams that were out and
about with their snazzy outfits, portable lighting kits, and super high def
digital cameras, snapping shots that were sure to hit Instagram with the latest
and greatest of what you need to know.

Our imagination is the most
powerful thing that we all have in our possession.  Seventy-nine percent of smartphone users check their
phone within 15 minutes of waking up, and the most popular time for using
Facebook and Instagram is in the evening. About half the time we spend is on our
news feed or checking the Instagram stories for the day. (source
bizjournals.com).  Every time we look at these
pictures and newsfeeds during the morning and evening, pictures conjure up
images of our friends having the time of their lives.  We see people who seemingly are traveling to
a new city every week.  We watch our
friends and neighbors driving luxury cars. 
Or we fancy the dessert our friends are having at the brand-new
restaurant with a sparkler sitting on top of a chocolate ball.   It makes us all take quick stock of
measuring up our own lives against the visuals we see on Facebook and Instagram.   So how do Facebook and Instagram get us to
spend more money?

The Sneaky Ad
– You should
know by now that Facebook and Instagram know your tendencies better than your mom
or your spouse do.  They know what you
like to watch, where you like to shop, what decade relates most to you, and
where you would want front row seats for a concert.  Did you ever wonder why they might be serving
you up ads for retro t-shirts with 80’s sayings?  Or why they put certain brands of sneakers in
front of you?  Or maybe wonder why there
are constant ads for Keto products and a Peloton?  Whether they get you by using something
called a remarketing pixel or they develop something called lookalike
audiences, the computer is faster and smarter than you.

Vacation I Always Wanted – Facebookers and Instagrammers
are obsessed with taking pictures of their vacations by the beach, in another
country, or on a cruise with the kids.  
Since a picture is worth a thousand words, we often ask ourselves this
question: “How are these people finding the money to enjoy all of these
vacations?”  The simple answer is they
aren’t. You should check out my new website Money Peer if you really want the truth about where you rank.  It doesn’t really matter though, because the
more we see these fancy vacations, the more we want to take one ourselves.  Eventually we get the vacation we always
wanted, whether or not we can afford it. 
Do you know anyone at this point that hasn’t visited either a) The
Amalfi Coast b) Paris or c) Iceland?  It
almost feels like we stalk each other to get vacation ideas.

Car I Always Wanted – Vroom! Vroom! There is a
beautiful picture of that new BMW, Audi, or Mercedes flashed up on the morning
news feed on Facebook.   You scan the
picture to realize that you are still driving that 2008 Honda or yesterday’s
minivan.  It doesn’t bother you at first,
until the next family posts up their stunning new automobile as well.   Recently I saw an Instagram photo where there
was a Lambo, Ferrari, and a new BMW right in the driveway.  Before long, you find yourself searching the
internet and then on to the dealership to pick up your new ride.  What feels sexier….getting a brand new
Maserati or posting a picture of the 2 year old Toyota Highlander you just

Body I Always Wanted- Instagram models! Instagram
models! Calling all Instagram models!!! Can I get shot of you in real life and
not with a well-lit, filtered out, and definitely not real photo??? Have you
ever seen pictures of someone face stuffing twinkies and apple pie, showing
themselves getting heavier and heavier as they grow older?  Of course not.  In fact, most people who have whipped
themselves in shape show off the bikini pose or shirtless on the boat.   Those who eat too much simply show pictures
of their kids.  It’s kind of how Facebook
and Instagram work.   When you see these
pictures of people you knew 25 years ago looking so fabulous, you too
eventually start spending money to get your body in better shape as well.

and Instagram are clearly two of the largest social media platforms in the
world.   Beyond the people who annoy us with
random posts that are creepy and dark, or those that post up on how horrible
their day was because they stubbed their toe, most people post the best of
their lives to let everyone else know how incredible they are doing.    Enjoy the pictures, but don’t let it make
you take a bite out of your wallet. 
Nobody….and I mean nobody, posts their credit card debt or lack
of net worth statement on these social media platforms.  You know what isn’t fabulous—STRESS!!!  And you may have lots of it if you spend just
show you can keep up with the Joneses, because BTW, the Joneses are broke!

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