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What Assets Can You Have and Still Qualify for Medicaid in Indiana?

qualify for Medicaid in IndianaSeniors are often surprised when they realize they may need to rely on Medicaid to help them cover the high costs associated with long-term care. Even more worrisome are the eligibility guidelines that include both income and asset limits that can put your retirement nest egg at risk if you failed to plan ahead. The best way to prevent that from happening to you is to know what assets you can have and still qualify for Medicaid in Indiana. By including a Medicaid planning component in your comprehensive estate plan you will always know that you are prepared to qualify for Medicaid in Indiana if the need does arise in the future.

Why Would I Need to Qualify for Medicaid?

Experts tell us that if you are close to retirement age right now (age 65), you stand close to a 70 percent chance of needing some type of long-term care (LTC) services before the end of your lifetime. If you are married, your spouse shares the same odds. If either of you ends up in nursing home care, the cost of that care could put your retirement nest egg at substantial risk unless you planned ahead by including long-term care and Medicaid planning in your comprehensive estate plan.

Nationwide, the average cost of a year in LTC for 2018 was almost $100,000. If you are an Indiana resident you can expect to pay more than the national average. For that same year, the average yearly cost for a private room in LTC was $98,915 in Indiana. With an average stay of three years, your total LTC bill could easily exceed $300,000 – and that is if you needed care today. Naturally, with every year that passes the cost of LTC will increase.

Like many seniors, you may rely on Medicare to cover most of your healthcare expenses once you retire, you won’t be able to turn to Medicare for LTC expenses because Medicare won’t cover them. Neither will most health insurance policies which is why over half of all seniors currently in an LTC facility rely on Medicaid for help paying their bill. For Medicaid to help though, you must first qualify for benefits.

Will I Qualify for Medicaid?

The good news is that Medicaid will help cover long-term care expenses if you qualify for Medicaid; however, because Medicaid is a “needs-based” program that is intended to help low-income individuals and families with healthcare expenses, the program uses both income and assets limits when determining eligibility. An applicant cannot own countable resources (assets) valued at more than the limit or the application will be turned down. As an individual applicant, your countable resources cannot exceed $2,000. For a married couple, the limit is $3,000.  Fortunately, some assets are exempt from consideration when determining eligibility. In Indiana, common exempt assets include:

  • One home up to an equity limit of $585,000 IF you are planning to return to the home OR a spouse resides in it.
  • One vehicle
  • An irrevocable burial trust
  • Household furnishings, furniture, clothing, jewelry, and other personal effects

If your non-exempt assets exceed the limit, your application will be turned down and you will be required to “spend-down” those assets before Medicaid will approve your eligibility. In reality, this means you will have to use those assets to cover your LTC expenses until the value of your assets has diminished to the point where Medicaid finds you eligible. Furthermore, Medicaid’s five-year “look-back” rule prohibits you from transferring your non-exempt assets at the last minute in anticipation of the need to qualify for Medicaid. The key, therefore, to protecting your assets and ensuring that you qualify for Medicaid is to include Medicaid planning in your comprehensive estate plan long before you find yourself in need of help paying your LTC bill.

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